Amal Women Savings Account

Features of Amal Women Saving Account
  • Account opened on Mudarabah basis
  • No minimum monthly balance requirement
  • Attractive halal profit on monthly basis
  • Free State-of-the-Art DigiBank Mobile App & Internet Banking
  • Unlimited Online doctor consultations through TPL Life App
  • Discounts on Medicine Delivery and Lab test booking through TPL Life App
  • Customized Debit Card with Exclusive Discounts
  • Special Discounts on Consumer Finance Products*
  • And many more exciting benefits

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Special Rates & Discounts on Financing Products

Discounts on processing fee and special rates offered exclusively for Amal Women Priority Plus Account holders on Consumer Finance products.

Home Finance

  • 50% discount on processing fee
  • Discounted rate of KIBOR + 2%*

Auto Finance

  • 50% discount on processing fee
  • Discounted rate of KIBOR + 3%*

Islamic Personal Finance

  • Discounted fixed rate at 20%*

Islami Noor Cards

  • 100% waiver on annual fee for the first year*

*Limited time offer

Underlying Shariah Principle

Upon opening Amal Women Saving Account, the account holder enters into a relationship based on Mudarabah with Faysal Islami. Under this arrangement, Faysal Islami is the ‘Mudarib’ (manager of the funds) and the customer is the ‘Rab-ul-Maal’ (owner of funds). These deposits are deployed in Shariah-compliant modes such as Ijarah, Murabaha and Musharakah. The rate of profit on your deposit will be determined through a Shariah approved mechanism for calculation of weightages, which will be announced at the beginning of each calendar month and shall be applicable for that month only. Amal Women Saving Account will share in the profit earned through financing in different Islamic modes of financing. Losses, if any, will be shared in the proportion of investment by each depositor. Monthly weightages for profit distribution shall be calculated and displayed at all Faysal Islami Banking branches as well as our website

Note: All Taxes and Zakat are applicable as per Government regulations. Other account maintenance and transactional charges apply as per Faysal Islamic Banking Schedule of Charges (SOC).

Amal Women Savings Account
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