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Faysal Islamic Car Finance is based on the principles of Diminishing Musharakah. This is a medium and long-term financing product, where the Bank and the customer jointly purchase an asset and create joint ownership in the asset. The Bank rent out its share in the asset to the customer while the customer periodically purchases units of ownership in the asset from the Bank. After purchase of all the units, the customer becomes the sole owner of the asset.

Features & benefits
  • Fast and Hassle-free application process
  • Flexibility in selection of cars (Assembled/Manufactured)
  • Facility against brand new as well as used vehicle
  • Financing amount up to 70% of the value of vehicle
  • Flexible Financing Tenure
    Maximum 5 Years (Vehicles up to 1000 CC)
    Maximum 3 Years (Vehicles above 1000 CC)
  • Partial Pre-payment facility available
  • Co-Partner facility available
  • Early settlement option
  • Takaful coverage from reputable Takaful Companies on FBL Panel
  • Tracker will be installed in vehicles for maximum safety.
  • Installments start after vehicle delivery
  • No processing fee until financing approval
  • Up to 9-year old vehicle can be financed
  • Property rental Income can be considered as primary income or additional to the basic income
Eligibility Criteria
  • Citizen Ship: Pakistani
  • Income:
    Salaried: Minimum PKR 30,000
    Contractual: Minimum PKR 50,000
    SEB/SEP: Minimum PKR 40,000
  • Age Limit: Salaried (Min 21 Years and Max 65 Years at the time maturity)
    SEB/SEP (Min 21 Year and Max 70 Years at the time of maturity)
Documents Required

Salaried Individuals:

  • Application Form properly filled and signed by customer
  • Current Salary Slip
  • Clear and Visible Copy of CNIC
  • 2 Recent Photograph (passport size)
  • SBP undertaking properly filled and signed by customer
  • 6 Month’s Bank Statement, Where Salary Credits (Original / stamped & signed by bank)
  • Employment Certificate
  • Copy of Latest Utility Bill

Business Person/Self Employed Person:

  • Application Form properly filled and signed by customer
  • One-year Business Proof (Copy of NTN or Any Authentic Business proof)
  • Clear and Visible Copy of CNIC
  • 2 Recent Photograph (passport size)
  • SBP undertaking properly filled and signed by customer
  • 6 Month’s Bank Statement (Original / stamped & signed by bank)
  • Professional Degree and valid membership of applicable professional body (for SEP Only)
  • Copy of Latest Utility Bill
Online Payment Proccess

Online Payment Process for Faysal Car Finance installments

  • Are you worried about your monthly Faysal Car Finance installments?
  • Not to worry anymore.Click here to follow the guide for online payments via Faysal Digibank Mobile App or Digibank Internet Banking.
  • Step 1: Log in to Faysal Digibank Internet Banking or Mobile App
  • Step 2: Open Beneficiary Management and click on adding New Beneficiary
  • Step 3: Select Faysal Bank and add Account number or IBAN
  • Step 4: Add Beneficiary details and enter OTP code
  • Step 5: Go to the main menu and select Transfer and Payments
  • Step 6: Select the Other Faysal Bank Account Option
  • Step 7: Select the beneficiary that was added earlier and enter amount
  • Step 8: Enter OTP code and confirm payment

*Payments through other Banks can also be made in your repayment account through normal IBFT process.

If you have not yet downloaded Faysal Digibank Mobile App, use below links for Android and iOS mobile phones:

Residual Value Financing

In Residual Value module enables the customer to take a car on significantly lower monthly installment, because here the customer agrees to pay the bank a certain price for the acquisition of the car upon completion of financing period. Depending on their repayment capacity, the customer can also get a much higher valued car than they can get under the regular financing module. This scheme is available for the selected new local assembled vehicles manufacturer i.e., Suzuki, Indus, Honda, KIA, and Master.

Please find the Residual Value grid.

Residual Value Grid
Tenure Max Residual Value % Allowed
1 year Maximum 50%
2 years Maximum 40%
3 years Maximum 35%
4 years Maximum 30%
5 years Maximum 25%


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